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Program Configuration

Set item caps, item minimums

Exclude specific products or collections

Charge security deposits

Set Try period length

Set shipping method availability

Charge restocking fees

A/B testing


Custom Logo

Set your logo on all customer-facing interfaces - checkout, notification emails, returns portal.

Product page button design

Checkout / Returns Portal Design


Messaging on all customer-facing interfaces


Custom CSS / Javascript


Mixed Shopping Carts

Accept both try-before-you-buy and regular items in a single checkout

Separated Shopping Carts

Separate checkouts for regular items and try-before-you-buy items

Analytics Integration

Integrate GA, Facebook Pixel, Klaviyo, TrustPilot, and anything else you use today.

International Support

Accept customers from US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc, with full address validation, currency, and tax support.
US Only

Accept Discount Codes


Product Upsells soon

Offer customers to add additional products to their order to try for free.

Quick Payouts

Payouts are made immediately when the customer pays - typically 1-5 days after delivery.

Save on payment processing fees

Customers are only charged on items they keep, meaning you no longer have to pay processing fees on items that customers end up returning - saving you up to 30% in fees.

Accept all major debit and credit cards

Accept PayPal soon


Accept Afterpay / Affirm / Klarna soon


Place Authorization Holds During Checkout


Try Before You Buy Fraud Detection

Instead of placing a hold on the customer's card, each order runs through BlackCart's proprietary fraud detection AI in real time.

Insured Transactions

BlackCart will pay on behalf of the customer in the event of a fraudulent order - including all repayment risk and chargebacks.

Notify customers right when orders are delivered

Generate on-demand return labels

Label-in-box support

Postmates On-Demand Pickup soon

Allow customers to click a button, and have a courier come to their home, pick up their returns, and drop it off at the nearest post office.

Shopify / Shopify Plus



Big Commerce


Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Custom Storefront


Self-serve merchant portal

View reports, extend/reset Try periods, and submit requests directly within an easy-to-use dashboard.

Ongoing email support

Dedicated engineer for customer success


Strategy sessions and ongoing optimization recommendations with in house experts

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