What is a dedicated landing page, and what purpose does it serve?

A dedicated landing page is a webpage on your site that educates shoppers about your Try Before You Buy Program. Include any program-related details or questions your shoppers could ask, such as:

  • How the program works at a high level
  • Try period: how long is the try period and when does it start
  • Program configurations such as minimum or maximum items for TBYB
  • Refundable deposit

It’s essential to keep information easy to digest.

  • Highlight steps to give shoppers a birds-eye view of the program.
  • If your landing page is long, try breaking it into sections with a CTA button. This gives shoppers the option to start shopping when they’re ready.
  • Avoid having only one CTA button at the bottom of the page.

Educate on how  Try Before You Buy work

  • We highly recommend including a FAQ section on this page
  • If you host FAQs on a support page, add a link to that page on this landing page

Why do I need an FAQs section?

Creating this hub for your shoppers to find answers quickly also takes the weight off of your customer service tickets.

Merchants with dedicated landing pages receive fewer support tickets about TBYB and see high program adoption rates after launch.